Revenge of Shinobi, The
SystemSega Genesis
GenreSide Scrolling Action, Special Magical Attacks, All-Star Enemies
RegionNorth America
Format4 Megabit Cartridge
Release Date8/1989
In Library Complete

Title 32X composite out

Atari Jaguar and Genesis 32X Fighting games

Atari Jaguar and Genesis 32X 2D Action Platformers


Sonic R
SystemSega Saturn
RegionNorth America
Release Date11/1997

Sonic R - Saturn - S-Video

Dead or Alive
SystemSega Saturn
Genre2D Fighter, Arcade Adaptation
CritiqueHigh Res, 60FPS
Release Date10/1997
In Library Complete

Saturn High Res Dithered Transparency - S-video Capture

Super Castlevania IV
SystemSuper Nintendo
RegionNorth America
Format8 Mbit Cartridge
Release Date12/1991
In LibraryGame Only

Super Castlevania IV SNES Composite - 93189 Colors

Tomb Raider Comparison

Tomb Raider - Saturn - S-VideoTomb Raider - PS1 - S-Video

Comparison Video:

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View Low Quality Flash:


Letters to Sega 1991-1992

Letter to Sega on The Revenge of Death Adder 3-26-1991Letter to Sega on The Revenge of Death Adder 3-26-1991

Letters to Sega 1989-1990

First letter to Sega 1-22-1989First letter to Sega 2-6-1989

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